About Global Poverty Project

Global Poverty Project is an international education and advocacy organization working towards the end of extreme poverty by 2030.

Our vision: "A world without extreme poverty by 2030."

Our Mission: "Growing the number and effectiveness of Global Citizens to achieve the public, business and political commitment and action to end extreme poverty."


Extreme poverty will not be ended by charities, businesses or governments working alone. Defeating extreme poverty requires us to change the rules, systems and structures that keep people poor so that the potential of every person can be realised – something that requires the support of all of charities, businesses and governments. We believe that we can change specific policies and practices that contribute to keeping people in extreme poverty when an organised, critical mass of individuals in society aspire to the values of global citizenship, and are organised and equipped to take meaningful action. Repeat this cycle across many issues, and this movement can ensure that governments, businesses and individuals act with greater alignment to the interests of the world’s poor, so that progressively, the systems, structures, policies and processes are changed, ending extreme poverty by 2030. MORE


The Global Poverty Project’s specific role in the broad movement to end extreme poverty is to amplify the voices and actions of global citizens who campaign to achieve the greatest impact for the world’s poor. Our policy framework aligns with our charitable objectives and drives all our campaigning and activities towards achieving our strategic aims, our mission and our vision. The Global Poverty Project focuses policy campaigning on six themes (health; education; food, water and sanitation; women and girls; innovation and enterprise; environmental sustainability) and three cross-cutting issues (aid quality; good governance; fair trading systems). MORE


Introducing the senior staff at the Global Poverty Project, including CEO Hugh Evans.



At the Global Poverty Project, we're committed to understanding and enhancing our impact on reducing extreme poverty. Working with partners, we've successfully won dozens of victories for the world's poor. We've changed policies and secured new funding from businesses, NGOs and governments, we've run campaigns that have engaged hundreds of thousands of members of the public, and as a result, we've seen the lives of millions of the world's extreme poor affected. Click through to see our key impact achievements: MORE


The Global Poverty Project was started by a group of global citizens with a shared vision and desire to catalyse the movement to end extreme poverty. Beginning with the knowledge that the injustice of extreme poverty could be ended within a generation, we sought to increase the number and effectiveness of people taking action to end extreme poverty.



At Global Poverty Project, we believe in transparency to our supporters as much as we believe in transparent systems for the world’s poor. In this section you will find a range of documents for people interested in finding out more about us and our approach.