1.4 Billion Reasons was developed in 2009 as a multimedia presentation that explains the issues that contribute to extreme poverty, and what we can do about them. We have presented 1.4 Billion Reasons to over 200,000 people at more than 2,000 events on five continents about the simple actions they can take to help tackle extreme poverty.

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How it works

1.4 Billion Reasons has been tailored to specific audience groups and delivered by expert presenters for between 45 and 90 minutes in workplaces, schools, universities, faith groups, community groups and at conferences to audiences of 100+.

The presentation is built around five sections:

  • What is extreme poverty?
  • Can we do anything about it?
  • What are the barriers to ending extreme poverty?
  • Why should we care?
  • What can I do?

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1.4 Billion Reasons is being retired in 2014. We have delivered 1.4 Billion Reasons through a range of partnerships:

  • Global Poverty Ambassadors. In the United Kingdom, we have had the support of the Co-Operative to train more than 200 community ambassadors to deliver the presentation locally, reaching more than 50,000 people. Global Poverty Ambassadors was launched with Bill Gates and Hans Rosling in January 2012.
  • “I am a Global Citizen” Schools Program. In Australia, we have worked with Plan International to deliver the a specially customised version of the presentation to more than 40,000 secondary school students.
  • Spring Tour. In the United States, we toured 1.4 Billion Reasons in 2011, 2012 and 2013 to schools and colleges across the country, reaching more than 40,000 young people.


1.4 Billion Reasons has been customised to support a range of campaigning asks and actions by our partners, with victories including:

  • See Through Fashion (UK). Our Global Poverty Ambassadors used 1.4 Billion Reasons to campaign for five UK clothing retailers to sign the Bangladesh Fire Safety Accord following the Rana Plaza disaster in April 2013. Four of the five companies have since signed the agreement.
  • IF Campaign (UK). Joint campaign across UK NGOs in lead up to 2013 G8, calling for action to reduce global hunger through changes to aid, tax and trade rules.
  • Protecting aid (AU and UK). We have used 1.4 Billion Reasons extensively as a tool for the public to better understand the role and effectiveness of government-funded foreign aid. See our news section for details on our activities.
  • Global Fund replenishment (UK). In late 2011 and early 2012, we supported Malaria No More UK’s work to see the UK government make a new commitment to the Global Fund to Fight HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, with 233 presentation attendees hand-writing letters to their local MPs. In November 2013, the UK government announced a £1b commitment to the Global Fund.
  • Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisations replenishment (UK). In 2011, we supported the ONE campaign in delivering customised versions of 1.4 Billion Reasons focused on the power of vaccines to save lives. This contributed towards the public support that enabled a record $4.3b to be committed to GAVI to save 4 million lives between 2012 and 2015.
  • And, of course, 1.4 Billion Reasons has been used to help promote and engage citizens in our other campaigns, such as Live Below the LineThe End of Polio, and Global Citizen.

There are a number of posts written by attendees that we have published about the impact of the presentation on their lives:

See below for some of the feedback that we received after presentations:

      “[The Presentation] was varied, interactive, carefully structured and skillful. The feedback from children and adults alike has been 100% positive.” – David Moorse, Osborne Middle School, United Kingdom”[Since watching the Presentation] the messages of this sensational movement to end extreme poverty have continued to be a motivational force behind not only our club’s efforts, but the community and schools at large. We cannot recommend this presentation more highly.” – Luke Mitchell-Collins, President of the Rotaract Club of the Central Coast, Australia

“I was geniunely surprised and wowed by the quality and depth of ideas in the presentation… Seeing such an up to date and high quality multi media presentation is something I would definitely want to recommend” – Anne Brown, audience member, United Kingdom

“I thought the Presentation was exceptional. It was informative, yet it also provided scope for student thinking and participation… Teachers have approached me and told me of the excitement of students who have gone back to their own classes and spoken enthusiastically about initiatives they would like to undertake.” – Shaun Isbister, Teacher at Mill Park Secondary, Australia

“After seeing the Presentation and seeing the progress that has been made over a generation, I realised that there are many different ways of combatting poverty and that it is not the futile task that it is sometimes painted as. I left the presentation feeling ENABLED.” – Sarah Brown, audience member, Ireland

“In all my years at school I have heard many different guest speakers, and seen many different presentations, but none of them have been as inspiring as d’Arcy Lunn’s presentation on Global Poverty. The most touching thing I heard was the name of the campaign – 1.4 billion reasons why. There are 1.4 billion people in the world living in extreme poverty… On our own we don’t feel strong… but if we worked together, we can make big change.” – Emily Crisp, Year 10 at Gleneagles Secondary College, Australia

“[The Presentation] was so powerful: in one presentation you gave hope, strength and inspiration to many of us!” – Lo Cristini, audience member, Canada

“Your Project brings hope and dreams and it shows that impossible doesn’t exist when we want” – Marie Christine Perron, audience member, United Kingdom

“Your talk at our school grealy inspired us to do this walk for poverty [a 250km fundraising trek]… After the blisters got better and we could forget the pain of walking, the thought of helping others and succeeding in our quest as well as seeing some amazing places and things is still strongly with us and we now aspire to tackle greater challenges.” – Lachie Ranton, Year 10 Student at Mount Beauty Secondary, Australia

“Your presentation tonight was simply amazing” – Nancy, audience member, United Kingdom

“[The] presentation gave me a deeper understanding about poverty… After a deeply motivating speech today I make my pledge to do something that will make a difference for at least one person in this world.” – Ellie Kelsh, Year 10 Student at Gleneagles Secondary College, Australia

“I thought the talk tonight was really incredible and also informative. It gave us all much to think about but more simply it has re-energised my own efforts to make a difference and contribute in any way I can” – Vicky, audience member, United Kingdom

“We were very blessed by the Presentation and really challenged to take action… thank you so much for all the great work you are doing. It is making a difference… not only for the 1.4 billion but for the rest of us who need to be informed and motivated.” – Peter Los, Carnegie Church of Christ, Australia

‘I was really inspired by your presentation and really want to help and will … the only downside was that it was reallycold although when I was watching the films, they were so good that I forgot that I was cold.’ – Student,Twyford Church of England High School